OZD Genius G12 and OZD Modbus Plus G12 Fiber Optic Repeaters

Extend the range of Genius Bus and Modbus Plus networks with robust, reliable and ruggedized fiber optic solutions.

Designed with metal housing to withstand harsh conditions, these advanced fiber optic repeaters ensure the network availability needed in harsh, highly automated or decentralized industrial applications.

OZD Genius G12 and OZD Modbus Plus G12 Fiber Optic Repeaters
  • Increased range – increase the value of Genius Bus and Modbus Plus networks by expanding the range of data transmission with fiber optic cable
  • Flexible use – all fiber types are supported
  • Reliable, high-performance – seamless redundancy measures protect the network’s availability, even when fibers break
  • Ruggedized design – lower the risk of damage and downtime in harsh industrial environments, such as electromagnetic interference (EMI)

Your Benefits

Fiber optic cables offer significant advantages over copper cabling, especially fast and fault-free data communication over long distances.

With the OZD Genius G12 and OZD Modbus Plus G12 repeaters, you can connect and extend network segments and support high-speed data transfer, even in decentralized operations. Network downtime is avoided through ultrafast redundancy mechanisms and remote surveillance for proactive maintenance.

Designed to operate in harsh environments where dust, vibration, corrosive gases and EMI can wreak havoc on simpler, cheaper devices – the OZD Genius G12 and OZD Modbus Plus G12 provide the connectivity and data availability needed for reliable operations.

OZD Genius G12 and OZD Modbus Plus G12 Fiber Optic Repeaters

The OZD Genius G12 and OZD Modbus Plus G12 fiber optic repeaters deliver flexible, reliable and high-performing connectivity in environments where network uptime is mission critical. Able to connect to any fiber optic cable, these fiber optic repeaters can extend the reach of network segments up to 22,000 m.

As automation increases across manufacturing and industrial operations, the ability to support high volume data traffic becomes increasingly important. The OZD Genius G12 and the OZD Modbus Plus devices can easily manage all data transmission rates specified for the respective fieldbus protocols up to 1 Mbit/s, ensuring a seamless flow of information from all points on the network.

The OZD Genius G12 and OZD Modbus Plus G12 are designed for mission-critical industrial and transportation environments where network reliability is paramount.

With built-in redundancy mechanisms and a ruggedized design, they are ideal for use in decentralized operations with high automation or in extended plants. This includes transportation and traffic control systems, water and wastewater treatment plants, power generation environments and general manufacturing settings.

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The OZD Genius G12 and OZD Modbus Plus G12 repeaters offer an immediate path to increasing the reach, reliability and integrity of Genius Bus and Modbus Plus networks through fiber optic cables. Engineers, installers and system integrators who want to increase the value of a plant by using fiber optic technology in the long term will appreciate the reliability and performance of these devices and the network benefits they enable. Depending on the fieldbus protocol, you can select from a fiber optic repeater for Genius Bus networks (OZD Genius G12) or Modbus Plus networks (OZD Modbus Plus G12).

Benefits at a Glance

  • Expand the range for data transmission through fiber optic based networks up to 22,000 m
  • Optimize network availability with seamless redundancy against fiber breaks: deploy optical ring structures not common in copper-based networks, limit system downtime with ultrafast redundancy mechanisms
  • Lower the risk of damage and downtime in hazardous industrial conditions, including protection from EMI, heat, humidity and dust
  • Support high-volume data transmission rates up to 1 Mbit/s
  • Use with all kinds of fiber optic cables

Technical Information

OZD 12 Profi 12M G22 136x98

Profibus LWL-Repeater

Ring sutiable repeater supporting all kinds of LWL. Profibus DP and FMS including automatically adjustment all data rates.

Product overview

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Extend the range and improve the availability of PROFIBUS networks with this fiber optic repeater.

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New Rugged, Robust Fiber Optic Repeaters Protect Network Integrity in Harsh, Automated or Decentralized Industrial Environments

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