Industrial Connectors – Hirschmann™ Products

With Hirschmann’s connectors and cables, your operations can continue uninterrupted even under the most adverse conditions such as contamination, moisture or vibration.

Sensor Connectors


A global first: the installation-friendly series. The innovative circular connectors that use fast-lock technology to eliminate cumbersome screw connections.

Valve connectors


Rectangular connectors of the GDM-series for hydraulic, pneumatic and electromagnetic actuators are available in all forms (type A/B/C).

Control connectors

Steuerung Steckverbinder

These robust circular connectors meet the most stringent requirements of general equipments in the field of measurement, control and regulation technology.

  • Circular connector (CM-series)The CM-series is optimally suitable for all areas of applications in hydraulics, pneumatics, device and equipment manufacturing and traffic control technology. An important future-market will be the photovoltaic area.
  • Circular connectors (NR-series)The NR-series is especially versatile and is excellently suited even for extreme conditions, for example in installations that are subject to heavy vibration stresses.

Supply connectors


The whole range of reliable connections for power supply.

Fieldbus/Ethernet connectors


Innovative bus connectors transmit data at up to 100Mbit per second and guarantee these high transmission rates by the screened version.

Audio- and Video connector

Circular connectors of MAS-/MAK-series set a global standard for hi-fi and audiovisual media, offer secure connections in the field of computers and interfaces.