New Hirschmann™ Gigabit OCTOPUS switches feature M12 ports for reliable data transmission

The new managed IP67 switches in the OCTOPUS range from Hirschmann™ have been developed particularly for road and rail vehicle applications that require fast data connections.

To this end, the switches have two Gigabit Ethernet uplinks (1000 BASE-TX) connected via vibration-proof M12 ports. These enable high data rates to be reliably conveyed via twisted pair cables, making it possible to handle the steadily increasing network load in public transport vehicles with IP communications.


Eight or sixteen Fast Ethernet ports (10/100 BASE-TX) are provided for connecting terminal equipment. These are also designed for M12 connectors. Eight ports also support PoE. They make it possible to power IP cameras, Voice-over-IP phones or WLAN access points without the need for additional cables. The switches also offer various management and security functions plus fast redundancy protocols. They can thus be used to install high-availability Gigabit backbones in public transport vehicles, for instance giving passengers fast Internet access during their journey.