Belden adds new Gigabit Ethernet Workgroup Switch with 16 PoE Plus ports to its Hirschmann™ product range

The new Hirschmann™ MACH104-16TX-PoEP is currently the most powerful industry-grade PoE switch on the market.

It has 16 TX ports (10/100/1000 BASE-TX) that support PoE and PoE Plus and four combo ports (10/100/1000 BASE-TX or 100/1000 BASE-FX). There are also versions available with two 10-Gigabit XFP uplinks and optional redundant power supply as well as a fanless variant with an external power supply unit. This means the MACH104-16TX-PoEP can be used as part of versatile and cost-effective solutions to connect terminal equipment such as IP cameras and VoIP phones to the automation network backbone.


The 16 PoE ports provide a total of 246 W, which, for instance, could be used to power up to 16 IP cameras. The high bandwidth also offers sufficient reserves to simultaneously transmit the video streams of those same cameras. The new switch, which can also be integrated into Profinet and Ethernet/IP networks, offers extensive management and redundancy features as well as various configuration and diagnostic functions. The unit's operational reliability is enhanced by its high level of resistance to vibration and shocks coupled with broad immunity to magnetic fields and electrostatic discharges. Since the switch is geared for a temperature range of 0°C to +50°C, it can also be used inside switch cabinets without powerful cooling systems.

Gigabit Ethernet Workgroup Switch with 16 PoE-Plus Ports

What makes the new Hirschmann™ MACH104-16TX-PoEP so remarkable is the Gigabit speed and 246 W PoE Plus power that makes this “powerhouse” – in a housing only one unit high – the highest performing industry-standard PoE switch currently on the market.