DRAGON MACH4000 Layer 3 Backbone Switches

Data density is increasing rapidly and industrial backbone networks need higher bandwidths to efficiently transport large network data from the field level to the control room.

Hirschmann’s DRAGON MACH4000 series provides high density port count in a modular design with best in class HiOS operating system to give engineers the ability to meet increasing data requirements without compromising on security of the Network.

With advanced hardware and software features, including up to four ports that can be set up for 2.5 GE or 10 GE, redundant power supplies and various new interfaces, the DRAGON MACH4000 equips engineers to handle current and future bandwidth needs, without compromising on availability or performance.

DRAGON MACH4000 Press Image

These backbone switches are best suited for applications that need stable, high bandwidth and reliable data transfer, including transportation and manufacturing, harsh industrial environment in oil and gas, and power transmission and distribution applications.

The DRAGON MACH4000 series offers a technically-advanced architecture that delivers superior bandwidth for connecting OT and IT networks.

  • Transit the network progressively via 2.5 Gigabit to 10 Gigabit bandwidth
  • Build a redundant Backbone network for maximum availability
  • Redundant and hot-swappable internal power supply for maximum device uptime

More information about the DRAGON MACH4000 series:

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