Hirschmann™ Embedded Ethernet Switches

Hirschmann™ Embedded Ethernet switches bring network connectivity right into the field device. To reduce development costs and prevent development risks as well as getting faster to the market, Hirschmann™ has developed a smart Embedded Ethernet family to offer a cost effective way for integration of Ethernet into manufacturers’ devices.


Embedded Ethernet Switches

EES20 and EES25 Switches from Hirschmann™ combine the functional scope of a powerful managed 6-port switch with interruption-free redundancy protocols and precise synchronization.

EESX20 provides with 8 Fast Ethernet ports the complete functional scope of a managed standalone switch., while EESX30 features 2 additional Gigabit Ethernet ports for reliable network access even with high data volume.


With these new embedded Ethernet switches, automation devices can now be quickly and reliably equipped with state-of-the-art Gigabit switch technology, allowing manufacturers to offer customers additional network functions and ultimately gain a competitive advantage.