GREYHOUND 103 Ethernet Switches

Hirschmann’s GREYHOUND 103 switches deliver reliable, secure, cost-effective and future-proof connectivity for modern industrial environments.


The perfect platform for applications that do not require high bandwidth, the GREYHOUND 103 switches provide an industrial access layer that connects field-level devices, including sensors, actuators and PLCs.

Designed to provide maximum uptime, with best-in-class network security, the devices are hardened for extreme environments, reliable, and easy-to-use and maintain.

  • Flexible: Customize based on specific application needs, including port speed, media type, power supply and more
  • Future-Proof: Connect a growing number of devices and meet rising bandwidth demands with 22 Fast Ethernet ports and 4 Fast/Gigabit combo ports
  • Cost-Effective: Easily add switches to upgrade networks as application needs grow, especially for MACH102 media module customers
  • Secure: Protect networks against attacks and operating errors with HiOS switch software that combines performance and security

GREYHOUND 103 Series

Managed Industrial Workgroup Switch, fanless design, 19˝ rack mount, up to 4 fiber ports and 26 ports in total.

Type Port Type and Quantity Power Consumption Online Catalog
GRS103-6TX/4C-1HV-xx Base unit: 4 x FE/GE Combo + 6 x FE TX; Expandable with two Media Modules (8 FE ports per module) 12W (without media modules) Online Catalog
GRS103-6TX/4C-2HV-xx Base unit: 4 x FE/GE Combo + 6 x FE TX; Expandable with two Media Modules (8 FE ports per module) 13W (without media modules) Online Catalog
GRS103-22TX/4C-1HV-xx 4 x FE/GE Combo + 22 x FE TX 16W Online Catalog
GRS103-22TX/4C-2HV-xx 4 x FE/GE Combo + 22 x FE TX 17W Online Catalog

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