GREYHOUND 105/106 Ethernet Switches


Hirschmann’s GREYHOUND 105/106 family of switches delivers fast, secure, cost-effective and future-proof connectivity for modern industrial environments.

Depending on network size, the GREYHOUND switches are multipurpose and highly configurable - serving at the backbone or aggregation layer.

With a unique combination of high port density and Gigabit Ethernet speeds – all within a small form factor – these switches are ideal for any industrial application requiring high performance or security.

  • High Port Count: Connect a growing number of devices and meet future bandwidth demands with 30 available ports in a compact size
  • The Speed You Need: Choose from 2.5 Gigabit uplink ports (GRS105) or 10 Gigabit uplink ports (GRS106) for cost-effective data transfer
  • State-of-the-Art Security: Protect networks against attacks and operating errors with HiOS switch software that combines performance and security
  • Latest Releases: Hardware releases that include the addition of MACsec technology, as well as support for HiOS Layer 3 Advanced software with unicast routing (L3A-UR). Both functionalities will follow with a software update soon.

GREYHOUND 105/106 Series

Managed Industrial Aggregation Layer Switch, fanless design, 19″ rack mount, up to 14 fiber ports and 30 ports in total. MACsec in accordance to IEEE 802.1ae.

Type Port Type and Quantity Online Catalog
GRS105-24TX/ GRS105-6F8T 6 x 1/2.5 GE SFP + 24 x GE TX Online Catalog
GRS105-16TX/ GSR105-6F8F 6 x 1/2.5 GE SFP + 8 x GE SFP + 16 x GE TX Online Catalog
GRS106-24TX/ GRS106-6F8T 6 x 1/2.5/10 GE SFP + 8 x 1/2.5 GE TX + 16 x GE TX Online Catalog
GRS106-16TX/ GRS106-6F8F 6 x 1/2.5/10 GE SFP + 8 x 1/2.5 GE SFP + 16 x GE TX Online Catalog

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