Hirschmann BXS Gigabit Switches

Cost-Effective Gigabit Switches with Full Transportation Approvals.

Industrial engineers and train builders need a reliable, secure and cost-effective way to provide connectivity onboard road and rail vehicles.


The BXS switches can quickly connect and power end devices and passenger infotainment systems, without the need for additional cables.

Uniquely designed with rolling stock in mind, the BXS switches are built to withstand high vibrations and wide temperature ranges, as well as comply with all EMC and fire prevention requirements for rail vehicles.

  • Fast, Secure Data Transfer: Support for a wide range of applications, including passenger information systems, advertising opportunities, IP cameras and more.
  • Easy to Install: Its compact design, cabinet-less mounting and Power over Ethernet (PoE/PoE+) port options eliminate the need for separate cabling to power end devices.
  • TSN Ethernet Support: Precise data transmission helps guarantee bandwidth for dedicated network services.

Managed IP40 Switches with optional PoE (+)

4 Gigabit Ethernet M12-ports X-coded and 8 Fast Ethernet M12-ports D-coded

Type Product Detail Online Catalog
BXS30-12TX-EECC-LV-2A BXS 4GE 8FE LV Online Catalog
BXS30-12TX-EECC-HV-2ABXS 4GE 8FE HV Online Catalog
BXS32-12TX-EECC-LV-2A BXS 4GE 8FE PoE LV Online Catalog
BXS32-12TX-EECC-HV-2A BXS 4GE 8FE PoE HV Online Catalog

12 Gigabit Ethernet M12-ports X-coded

Type Product Detail Online Catalog
BXS40-12TX-EECC-LV-2A BXS 12GE LVOnline Catalog
BXS40-12TX-EECC-HV-2A BXS 12GE HV Online Catalog
BXS42-12TX-EECC-LV-2A BXS 12GE PoE LV Online Catalog
BXS42-12TX-EECC-HV-2A BXS 12GE PoE HV Online Catalog

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