Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switches

A cost-effective way of entering the world of Industrial Ethernet technology.

Building Automation Switch small

Building Automation Switch

The Building Automation Switch from Belden fits directly into electrical distribution boards, making it easier and more efficient to install

SPIDER III 136x136

SPIDER III Standard Line

The SPIDER III Standard Line switches utilize the latest Hirschmann technology to create a cost-effective way to take advantage of the Ethernet.


SPIDER III PoE Standard Line

The SPIDER III PoE Standard Line switches are highly flexible, configurable and built for PoE+, eliminating the need for an external PoE power supply.

SPIDER III_Premium_PL_SL_KV_PB_INIT_HIR_0316_EMEA_136x136px

SPIDER III Premium Line

The SPIDER III Premium Line is designed to offer cost-effective, unmanaged switches with a robust set of customizable features to meet individual network needs across a variety of industries.


SPIDER Switches

The entry-level Industrial Ethernet Rail switches in the SPIDER family are a cost-effective way of utilizing Ethernet technology. They are characterized by compact design and extremely simple installation (plug-and-work).



The entry-level Industrial Ethernet SPIDER PoE switch can be used to power network devices such as IP cameras. Thanks to a combination of PoE and optical ports, the SPIDER PoE switch also opens up flexible network extension options.

HM_PoE Injector-0386.jpg

SPIDER PoE Injector

The Power over Ethernet (PoE) injector provides power to networked terminal devices without having to replace existing Ethernet switches or purchasing a stand-alone power supply – a solution that is both practical and cost-effective.

Unmanaged OpenRail

Unmanaged OpenRail Switches

The switches in the unmanaged OpenRail family are individually configurable and therefore highly flexible. They can be configured to create tailor-made solutions for almost any area of application.


Unmanaged OCTOPUS Fast Ethernet Switches

The unmanaged IP67/IP54 switches in the OCTOPUS family can be used to set up cost-effective connections to Ethernet terminal devices even under the harshest environmental conditions.



Reliably transmit large amounts of data across any distance with the SPIDER III family of industrial Ethernet switches. These unmanaged switches have plug-and-play capabilities to allow for quick installation and startup – without any tools – to maximize uptime.