Managed Industrial DIN Rail Fast/Gigabit Ethernet Switches – RSPL-Lite


The RSPL-Lite switches from Hirschmann offer all-round carefree package for the highest level of security thus increasing productivity and hence also profitability. The switches feature comprehensive security functions like MAC based port security, Authentication (IEEE802.1x), different privilege levels, management authentication via RADIUS, account locking, configurable password policy, audit trail, configurable login attempts, HTTPS certificate management, DoS prevention to provide all-round protection against network attacks.

  • Extensive security functions - guarantee comprehensive protection against network attacks and operator errors
  • Maximum flexibility - with up to 6 SFP fiber ports and option for 2x GE Combo ports
  • Powerful operating system HiOS - offers a significantly extended range of security functions for the RSPL-Lite switches
  • Extensive range of security mechanisms: authentication, radius, role based access, port security, SSHv2, HTTPS and SFTP
  • Redundancy methods: MRP, RSTP
  • Fast device replacement, comprehensive logging and storage of all configuration data, plus operating software updates via SD card
  • High level of vibration resistance
  • Broad immunity to electrostatic discharges and magnetic fields
  • Temperature range from -40°C to +70°C
  • Power supply 24/36/48 V DC or 120/250 V DC and 110/230 V AC
  • Strong and compact metal housing

The RSPL-Lite switches are optimized for the type of data communication used in the electricity supply industry, because using Ethernet to link the field-level transformer stations of a power supply grid calls for special network equipment which can protect the network against unauthorized access ensuring that end customers receive an uninterrupted power supply.

They can also be used in many other areas:

  • Wind farms
  • Production applications
  • Security applications

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