Industrial Network Security Systems

Firewall solutions uniquely designed and certified to protect your assets in hardened industrial conditions.


No business or industry is safe from attack. Whether intentional or accidental, threats can come at the hands of internal personnel or external hackers. Either way, an unprotected network puts your enterprise at risk.

While industrial-grade switches and routers provide many security features, you need industrial firewalls to control communication between devices and secure communication across the entire network.


EAGLE40 Multiport Firewall

The next-generation industrial firewall offers a comprehensive cybersecurity solution to maximize uptime in today’s stringent automated environments.


Tofino Xenon Security Appliance

The Tofino Xenon industrial security appliance provides comprehensive network protection. It is a versatile, extremely ruggedized device that ensures maximum data protection for production systems.


EAGLE One Security Router

The EAGLE One industrial security router is a new milestone for data security in automation.


EAGLE20 and EAGLE30 Industrial Firewalls

Multiple-port firewalls that deliver significant cost savings whilst achieving greater link speeds.


Data Diode RDD20

The Rail Data Diode RDD20 enables a one way transmission from a secure part of a network to a vulnerable part and makes sure that no data traffic on the vulnerable part can influence the secure part.

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