Hirschmann™ Lean Initiatives

A lean approach to production

Our lean approach to production drives us to identify waste and find new and more efficient processes for the future. As we manufacture exclusively on customer demand, we only expend material and energy on products which have already been ordered. This means no gratuitous devices will be produced, reducing stock and avoiding unnecessary waste.


Reducing material and energy

By strictly applying our continuous lean improvement process, we reduce material and energy consumption to a minimum, meeting the requirements of green production.

The quality level of our products is monitored in a Lean Daily Management approach in order to improve the product quality immediately if necessary. First pass yield is monitored for every product. First pass yield is part of the Lean Daily management and improves initiatives to reduce waste.

Up to 98% of the packaging materials used during the production process are reusable. Further savings on packaging materials are affected by packing multiple orders for the same customer together.


A green approach from our suppliers

For Hirschmann™ to be green, all its suppliers need to be green as well. Most of our suppliers are ISO 14001 certified. Moreover, 80% of our direct components suppliers are located close to our plant and this means further reductions in the energy consumption for transportation.

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Substainable Solutions: The Belden® range of Hirschmann™ products makes a significant contribution towards a greener future.