Hirschmann™ Product Strategy

Going for green IT

One basic part of the Hirschmann™ product strategy is Green IT. We set out to make the products we manufacture both durable and modular, offering users maximum flexibility. Because they are built to last, our products do not need to be replaced quickly – and thanks to ongoing software improvements they can be kept up-to-date for longer in the application – avoiding the need for further investments and/or replacements.


Designed to be green

All our latest product families are designed to be green. Our focus on Green IT applies to all products across all the vertical markets we serve, including renewable energy.

Whatever the application, it will deliver the greenest possible performance. For instance, many of our products and systems can be controlled from a remote location, reducing the need to localize applications – reducing CO2 emissions. This is an important requirement in most of our vertical markets.

Requirements for new platforms include green aspects such as: WEEE and low power consumption.

Capability Bulletin


Substainable Solutions: The Belden® range of Hirschmann™ products makes a significant contribution towards a greener future.