Hirschmann™GDMF Connectors

GDMF – new generation of Hirschmann™ brand field attachable valve connectors in a flat and ergonomic design with compact dimensions as well as ultimate resistance to vibration and shock.

Hirschmann™ GDMF Valve Connectors – Low-height space-saving design with proven Combi-Contact

The new generation of Hirschmann™ GDMF field attachable rectangular valve connectors is a strong addition to our already broad product portfolio. The proven technology is now brought to market in an extremely flat and ergonomic design, which meets the ever growing demand for highly compact rectangular connectors.


With a height of just 26 mm, the rectangular connectors in protection class IP65/IP67 have a perfect fit in any given application. To guarantee the highest requirements of resistance to vibration and shock, the new GDMF range also features the patented combi-contact known from the proven GDM series. The contact is designed for a wide range of cable gauges up to 1.5 mm² with diameters from 4.5 to 8 mm (in a UL approved version from 4.0 to 6.7 mm).

Versatile Product with Multiple Options

The new valve connectors are available with or without electronic insert with three or four contacts (2+PE or 3+PE). A captive seal and non-slip surfaces on both sides provide for ease of assembly and disassembly. In addition, the standard versions can be used within a temperature range from -40°C to

Compatibility and Wider Range of Use

The Hirschmann™ GDMF valve connectors are compatible with all appliance connectors according to EN 175301-803 type A. The use of this solution is recommended particularly in applications requiring a combination of benefits of the well-known GDM-series, such as ease of assembly, with extremely compact design. The series also includes a version with integrated strain relief that already meets the requirements of the new UL specification 2238. This and further approvals, such as VDE and CSA, permit the GDMF valve connectors to be used in applications worldwide.

Product Features

  • Flat design
  • Non-slip surfaces on both sides
  • Electronic inserts with function display and/or protective circuitry
  • Patented combi-contact
  • Captive seal
  • UL version with strain relief

Product Benefits

  • Space-saving and application-tailored design
  • Time-saving ease of handling during assembly and dissassembly
  • Flexible use for optimum safety and monitoring of applications
  • Familiar GDM connection technology in new GDMF design
  • Global fit – supported by international approvals

Learn more about GDMF - open New Product Bulletin

New Product Bulletin NP 1004HE